Europe Freeroll Noch

$50,000 Freeroll

Tournament Information

Max Score:$1,000,000,000
Max Players:50
Max Table Size:9

Last Completed Tournament

Started: Feb 17, 5:00 AM EST
Finished: 12:00 AM EST
1st lickylicky $+25,000
2nd linda1961 $+15,000
3rd spike1 $+10,000
full results...


Monday, February 18 @ 5 AM EST  
Tuesday, February 19 @ 5 AM EST  
Wednesday, February 20 @ 5 AM EST  
Thursday, February 21 @ 5 AM EST  
Friday, February 22 @ 5 AM EST  
Saturday, February 23 @ 5 AM EST  
Sunday, February 24 @ 5 AM EST  
Monday, February 25 @ 5 AM EST  
Tuesday, February 26 @ 5 AM EST  
Wednesday, February 27 @ 5 AM EST  


12% of money use the $915 is the share of 75%
4:47 AM, Wednesday June 13, 2018 EDT
sla56 wrote:
where's the tourney sign up?
8:55 AM, Thursday May 30, 2013 EDT
gpoker suck big time i am leaving gpoker for corbon poker its better
8:22 AM, Thursday December 20, 2012 EST
8:20 AM, Thursday December 20, 2012 EST
ZRUV wrote:
This tournament is bugged. Please fix it. I watched someone go all in a lose, come back with all their money (it was the first round) and the person that won received nothing. The same thing happened on the last round before I was moved from my table. I busted a guy and he actually left the tournament (unlike the first case), but when I was moved tables I was back to $1500, as I was before my all-in win.
9:39 AM, Saturday October 20, 2012 EDT
bill4888 wrote:
i had a job and left what happenn
10:16 AM, Tuesday June 26, 2012 EDT
kpsx wrote:
the tournment has bug, i was play and bust someone but the player isn't bust and my chip is back 1500$
9:08 AM, Tuesday June 12, 2012 EDT
fularry007 wrote:
what happened to the tournament i was just playing in?
8:21 AM, Friday July 15, 2011 EDT
where is the freerole join?
7:48 AM, Saturday February 19, 2011 EST
Marry me wrote:
I spemd 30 minuts waiting for a tournament, but I didn't realize that I had to go to the table before the tournament started. This sucks.
8:05 AM, Monday October 25, 2010 EDT
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