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It’s not whether you won or lost, but how many bad beat stories you were able to tell
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Hey mate, cheers for helping keep this site running you legend
Created on Sunday February 12, 2023
Thank you, it means a lot could you ask ryan please, if he will name a table or torny after lynn may, in a fitting tribute to her. "pebble" on Sunday December 4, 2022
"pebble" on Tuesday January 17, 2023
how far?
maharaji on Sunday September 18, 2022
I am maharaji. I can reach you via my friend batarline and talk to you.
batarline on Sunday September 18, 2022
Hi mmm is getting a code saying that she and I have the same IP address this can not be possible as she lives in Ontario and I live in NOva Scotia..could you please advise thanks Dorothy
DorothyMae on Thursday April 28, 2022
Can you pls help us out in kdice with proxies? Everything is on forum
Aleksa_bre on Friday October 22, 2021
http://gpokr.com/games/89734997 first str8 flush Greg, in your regards
HottShott on Saturday August 7, 2021
I got suspended for playing two accounts at the same time for 7 days. Kdelon and mrsgrendler I have no knowledge or access to a mrsgrendler account. Kdelon
Kdelon on Thursday July 8, 2021
A real TP
Sergeant Pepper on Thursday January 28, 2021
I read a book called koutilya ardasastra, in that, author said, how a man like to be, good, intelligent, strong, cunning, and sooooo u 90% reached that book practically, nice charming young boy lolll
Ramu the hacker on Friday January 22, 2021
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