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hi my name a borat
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bigbeno wrote
at 9:14 AM, Friday September 30, 2011 EDT
Yo Chuna make a few more chips bro someone passed you by a few thousand.
TLP wrote
at 3:57 AM, Tuesday February 1, 2011 EST
Fantastic run in the last few days, congrats hun. GL for Feb
rawksupastar wrote
at 6:48 AM, Thursday November 19, 2009 EST
chuna, come back mate, u gotta teach these guys whats what..
Striker_ wrote
at 11:08 AM, Friday August 28, 2009 EDT
chuna: 1 mil chase
Striker_: so what
matt19: lol
chuna: u fuck up shit
Striker_: free site game
4. is here
baz _2.0 is here
baz _2.0 has left
4.: hit and run
chuna: no he wont
chuna: he better not
4.: not a fair player
Striker_: see you guy's the champ has to rest!
chuna: ok sit
chuna: now
chuna: what a sick 1mil chase
Striker_: i gotta go chuna ill be on in 2hr's
chuna: with 5 2
chuna: i swear if u leave
chuna: u gona have 0$
chuna: ill pay 300$ real money
Striker_: wtf man
Striker_: what did i do
chuna: sit down
chuna: sit the fuck down
chuna: u can ask od
chuna: sit down
chuna: od
odnexa1: yes
chuna: he chase 1mil for a gut shot
chuna: i swear
4.: chun
odnexa1: link said
4.: made a post
matt19: what had he ??
chuna: 5 2
odnexa1: next three days chuna
matt19: fuck
chuna: dude u sit or u gona be on 0$
matt19: what had you chuna
chuna: np leave
chuna: i had QQ
Tweety Bird is here
matt19: o
chuna: he had 5 2
chuna: chase 1mil for a gut shot
4.: chuna look at my forum post
4.: ^^
4.: hope it is right
matt19: how did he win ??

odnexa1 wrote
at 3:10 AM, Friday August 21, 2009 EDT
go for two months in a row !
bigbeno wrote
at 10:20 AM, Saturday August 1, 2009 EDT
Chuna you the man baby!
Gurgi wrote
at 11:19 PM, Friday July 31, 2009 EDT
congrats on the gold
TLP wrote
at 11:14 PM, Friday July 31, 2009 EDT
Well done Chuna! So happy you didnt tilt it this month!
odnexa1 wrote
at 2:53 AM, Friday July 24, 2009 EDT
Win this july's gold :) ... i'll check when back from holiday
dr. zoidberg 69 wrote
at 2:38 PM, Tuesday July 21, 2009 EDT
Dealing pocket cards: [6h, 4d]
FicktEuch!!! folds
034 calls
odnexa1 calls
johnrte folds
dr. zoidberg 69 folds
chuna calls
pishkashi raises $80,000
josh63 calls
msufan1313 folds
034 calls
odnexa1 calls
chuna calls
Dealing flop: [Td, 3h, 5d]
josh63 checks
034 checks
odnexa1 checks
chuna checks
pishkashi bets $200,000
josh63 folds
034 folds
odnexa1 folds
chuna calls
Dealing turn: [7d]
chuna checks
pishkashi bets $380,000
chuna raises $2,250,000
pishkashi calls
Dealing river: [Qc]
chuna shows [Kd, 9d] for a flush King high
pishkashi shows [3s, 5s] for two pair, fives and threes
chuna wins main pot $5,320,000
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