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mahsa vayro....matsoyama...and Amir Gholami men are the same player and transfer chips to Amir Gholami men account thank you
simon pipehole on Tuesday January 14, 2014
TheOminousWon on Monday December 30, 2013
Thank you so very much Rob. Means alot to me, as I love & appreciate all the amazing people I have met on Gpokr.. Thanks Sir.. :o)
Bama Girl on Sunday September 29, 2013
You're a stand up guy, Rob. Thanks for keeping the place on the up-and-up.
lotek on Thursday November 29, 2012
pls turn on me chat, pls
elonukas on Friday March 2, 2012
get i life 12 jew want to chat let him free
40 jew on Thursday December 2, 2010
WPT2009: no im finger fucking ur girl right now WPT2009: u wait amin little nigger check him out please...
rhart3 on Wednesday February 17, 2010
tell me rob why u ban deer balls, but allow chuna & solid wood to get away with it?
"pebble" on Thursday September 3, 2009
Th Rob. I promise next time we are at same table i'll show my pic. Ciao
Big Hunter 12 on Friday June 6, 2008
You ought to thank all the good people on this site and stay around...
L.R. Shadowplay on Saturday May 10, 2008
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