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Moo-Moo wrote
at 6:18 PM, Sunday September 6, 2009 EDT
Dear Sis, I hate that, I miss you today but maybe I'll catch you tonight. I'm going too
try and get on here about 11:30pm okay. later
Moo-Moo wrote
at 1:38 AM, Sunday September 6, 2009 EDT
Hey sis what's going on haven't sat at the table
in a while been very busy. Hope the family is
doing okay. I see for September you have $0 chips, so far rank is pretty high you go girl. Well chat with you later. I was trying too find out what room you were in tonight.
pocahontas717 wrote
at 2:12 PM, Saturday August 1, 2009 EDT
hello pebbles have not seen u how are thing going?
pebbles of Gold wrote
at 9:29 AM, Sunday July 19, 2009 EDT
hello pocahontas :)
pocahontas717 wrote
at 9:59 PM, Saturday July 18, 2009 EDT

Dealing river: [Th]
jbyrd4489 shows [Jh, 2h] for three tens
hauler2 shows [Ac, Qc] for a full house, tens full of Queens
marcos123 shows [Kh, Kd] for a full house, tens full of Kings
pocahontas717 shows [6h, Td] for four tens
pocahontas717 wins main pot $29,300
pocahontas717 wins side pot $17,865
pocahontas717 wins side pot $8,410
jbyrd4489 stands up
marcos123 stands up

Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [3s, 6c]
hauler2 raises $2,715
pocahontas717 folds
actionguy9 calls
gmanc folds
Dealing flop: [8d, 8c, 8h]
rockhopper wrote
at 5:17 PM, Thursday June 18, 2009 EDT
Hi pocahontas from London hope you do well see you at tables
skydog1 wrote
at 9:38 PM, Monday June 15, 2009 EDT
Hi back at ya! :)
prize fighter wrote
at 12:40 PM, Friday May 1, 2009 EDT
ty pocahontas Thanks to a tourny win of almost a million )
rednas wrote
at 2:08 PM, Sunday April 26, 2009 EDT
oke friends

greetings from holland
pocahontas717 wrote
at 9:10 PM, Sunday April 12, 2009 EDT
get her done calls
Dealing river: [Ks]
pocahontas717 shows [2d, Ad] for a flush Ace high
get her done shows [3s, Td] for King high
pocahontas717 wins main pot $19,748
pocahontas717 wins side pot $2,926
get her done finishes the tournament 2nd and wins $11,000
get her done stands up
pocahontas717 finishes the tournament 1st and wins $19,000
pocahontas717 stands up
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