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This player has been modded by the community

Willing to give this user One Last Chance: However, if any Moderator has problems with this user in the future account will be revoked. +post These cards suck 6:18 PM, Friday August 14, 2009 EDT
This is your final chance. If anythins happens again it's mute forever. Giving play a break do not draw on game board again These cards suck: trendz? trendz: ya trendz: what TCS These cards suck: That chat last night with Tweety Bird. trendz: yes These cards suck: Do you feel that me muting was right or wrong? These cards suck: He saying that you started the fight. trendz: It was not a fight trendz: I pointed out my issues with him These cards suck: I was right there but I feel he was taking shot's against you verbality trendz: He whines on the forum constantly trendz: I did not start a fight These cards suck: ok, all i wanted to know trendz: It was a simple statement followed by a huge overreaction These cards suck: ok trendz: But to be hoinest TCS trendz: I do not think he shoud be muted trendz: His appology was sinseare These cards suck: I will take that into conderationa nd disscuss it with another Moderator. If I unmute him he has you to thank for it. +changeAvatar +chat These cards suck 10:57 PM, Wednesday July 1, 2009 EDT
User at it again. - Tweety Bird: TRENZ = all u fuckn do is pay out people Tweety Bird: TRENDZ u dont even have a medal U SHIT CUNT -changeAvatar -chat -post -avatar These cards suck 8:26 PM, Tuesday June 30, 2009 EDT
5 months is long enough for a ban. You can play again. Please DO NOT take part in loaning chips, and be polite to fellow players and advisor staff. +changeAvatar +chat +play +post Lei 3:14 AM, Wednesday June 3, 2009 EDT
Muted for abusive chat and posts, banned for loaning and receiving chips -changeAvatar -chat -play -post Lei 12:41 AM, Sunday December 7, 2008 EST

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