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Love is an Amazing Gift... Treat It, and Others with the Care & Respect they Deserve!!!
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shylo wrote
at 3:58 PM, Wednesday November 29, 2017 EST
Hey, get your buns back here, no fun without you ;) please
shylo wrote
at 9:11 AM, Friday November 10, 2017 EST
You are in my Prayers. with God all things are possible. Bless you
jack be nimble wrote
at 6:03 PM, Thursday November 2, 2017 EDT
Where have you been Bama, been missing you. Hope all is ok. As for me, I am stuck in the hospital, have been for nearly a month. not much fun, but a little more time and I ahould be on the road to recovery. Take Care my friend, jack be nimble aka Kirk
last01 wrote
at 5:01 PM, Tuesday June 20, 2017 EDT
your not my girl breaks my heart again lol
at 4:54 PM, Friday March 31, 2017 EDT
You are my friend and will always be...
at 12:33 AM, Tuesday February 7, 2017 EST
Trying to sort out the emotions...l have to get things in order...
jack be nimble wrote
at 5:54 PM, Sunday May 29, 2016 EDT
I appreciate you saying good-bye, however, why are you leaving? You are one of the bright spots in the Gpokr world, I will miss your always sunny disposition and your friendship
Jack Be Nimble(Kirk)
kellykellymoore wrote
at 5:29 PM, Saturday October 3, 2015 EDT
Good luck in October! =)
ne77er wrote
at 7:58 PM, Wednesday October 1, 2014 EDT
Hey Bama.. thanks for the congrats! Hope you have a great month on the tables this month..
Nik-Gnashers wrote
at 4:17 AM, Saturday September 6, 2014 EDT
Oh, I'm a 'member' now too woohoo, joined your gang
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