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POKRMAN1 wrote
at 12:51 PM, Monday March 23, 2020 EDT
kellykellymoore, Big Al Rogorson Wrote "I'm finishing up with your Mother. Can't blame me for being distaracted". around 9:30AM on 3/23/20
I would like him removed,
POKRMAN1 wrote
at 9:51 PM, Thursday December 14, 2017 EST
gnice- ur the one that should be taken all ur privaliges away, cause ur full of it,
POKRMAN1 wrote
at 9:09 PM, Monday December 11, 2017 EST
I dont appricciate you mudding me when i won and they started making comments about it and i replied. If they cant accept my comments then they should not make any.
POKRMAN1 wrote
at 7:57 PM, Friday June 3, 2016 EDT
kellykellymoore, can you reply to my problem with the level. Why did I not advance to level 28 when it stated that "to level 28 224,483" and I had 224,511.
POKRMAN1 wrote
at 3:48 PM, Thursday June 2, 2016 EDT
Ryan, do get reply back on my problem about the level?
POKRMAN1 wrote
at 5:47 PM, Wednesday June 1, 2016 EDT
Now it's $172,794 to level 28
POKRMAN1 wrote
at 12:45 AM, Tuesday May 31, 2016 EDT
Ryan, can u please let me know why i haven't advanced to level 28?
POKRMAN1 wrote
at 11:00 AM, Monday May 30, 2016 EDT
Ryan, i have 234,511 and it says that i need 224,483 to level 28 and im still level 27? why?
POKRMAN1 wrote
at 1:02 AM, Sunday November 29, 2015 EST
tu, ryan
kellykellymoore wrote
at 2:48 PM, Friday May 29, 2015 EDT
Have spoken to Ryan and he will look at your lag and chip loss situation tonight.
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