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Ryan - Site updates
A lot of folks are wanting to have some updates to the site. Other Mod's can chime in.

1st - we need to fix the lag and log out issues first and foremost. This is driving players away, and new players. We still have folks paying for this site and we want to add more... so, help us, help you! I am sure that this goes for Kdice as well.

2nd - Need an added bonus for members in the members tourney. Payout structure needs to be revised..if they are already paying, then paying a buyin, need to entice players to WANT to be a member. The 25k a month can (and often is) lost in a single hand.

3rd - Give Mods the ability to see all the accounts when moderating. This is currently broken and is hard to confirm if users are breaking the rules... which leads to unhappy users that are abiding by them. It used to work, where we could enter a player name and it would list all other players on the same IP. I think we all get that there are some players that are on a shared IP (school, library, work, etc.) and I would hope that you would trust us to make good decisions.

4th - In Tourney, If Away, player should be forced into every big blind. Granted, need to fix the 1st one. Too many play tables and tourneys at the same time and being away can take away from a player's placement in a tourney.

5th - There is no incentive to being a Mod, and I havent been here for years, but I am back! Others have continued to be here and help moderate this site for all users. I cannot even give another mod a contribution... So, maybe something can be done to show some appreciation to these folks that have worked hard.

Just my 2 cents. I will likely send as an email as well, but thought that we could all chime in on some things that we would like to see for the site(s) we love.

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EXAMPLE: Lagged in the Daily 5k Reprise on June 4, at about 5:10 est. One other lagged also. Timed out and had to refresh to return to game. Missed the finish of the hand.

Please don't use this like the forum, just the lag details. Thanks.
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