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annat "Annat, this is Gliss I want to become a member but my email address which I use to log in is no longer mine correct email address. How can I become a menber without opening a complete new account? Thanks in advance for your response. Ronald"
by Gliss
Tuesday June 11, 2024
KC 97 "His name : Superman Phillips, a 5'10" proud American with brown hair, zooms around town on his trusty motorcycle, proving you don't need a cape to be a hero. His idea of patriotism involves equal parts love for his country and a borderline unhealthy obsession with leather jackets."
by Zoidinator
Monday June 10, 2024
martindian "One cool martian"
by Zoidinator
Monday June 3, 2024
Created "Poker is not really your thing"
by Zoidinator
Saturday June 1, 2024
Zoidinator "I like him more than I like kangaroos"
by Created
Saturday June 1, 2024
MCFC "congrats on your 3rd medal m8"
by elbbep
Saturday June 1, 2024
"MC" "Congrats on 2nd! I cannot thank you enough for all the help that you have given me with how to improve my game. You always talk about assets to gpokr, but you sir, are a HUGE asset! Enjoy playing and chatting with you. Seeing you pop up on friends lists, makes my day!! "
by annat
Saturday June 1, 2024
Deucem "Doesnt know how to fold a shite hand but somehow hits river, Youre a real kazoo aint ya?"
by "MC"
Friday May 31, 2024
lickylicky ""
by Created
Monday May 27, 2024
PapaKhoi ""
by annat
Sunday May 26, 2024
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GPokr is a free texas holdem poker game that is played in monthly competitions.
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