Measure wrote
at 3:22 PM, Friday September 15, 2006 EDT
Well, Ryan has mentioned that he's working on launching single-table tourneys in the next few weeks. So Here's a thread for discussing the features we'd like to see in these tourneys to make them safe and fun for everybody.

I'll start!

I'd like to see the pot split between the top 3 players. in a 9-player buy in, there should be enough to go around. perhaps a 60-30-10 percent split?

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Fat Phil wrote
at 5:47 PM, Friday September 15, 2006 EDT
i think theres going to be more than just 9 player tournaments, i thought it was going to be multi-table tournaments
Measure wrote
at 6:05 PM, Friday September 15, 2006 EDT
Ryan does not think there are enough players right now to support multi-table tournaments, so at first there will be single-table tourneys only.

And this is what I want to make this thread about: Ideas we'd like to see in these single-table tourneys to make them fun.
Fat Phil wrote
at 3:57 PM, Saturday September 16, 2006 EDT
darn thats going to stink

i dunno how single table tourneys can be fun :(
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