Today's Top Gamers algorithm
nobodybutyours wrote
at 10:25 PM, Tuesday September 19, 2006 EDT
It strikes me that the formula for the top gainers list should be tweaked a bit.

I assume it takes the player's current chip count, subtracts that from their chip count from start of the day, and then calculates the percentage gain based on that day-start value.

But because refills are $1500, the formula should probably replace the day-start value with 1500 for any day-start value less than 1500.

That would neutralize the buy-in factor and keep things like this from happening (taken from today's list -- not a typo):

$7,650, +30500%

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nobodybutyours wrote
at 12:59 AM, Friday September 22, 2006 EDT
Ha -- well, by the dearth of replies here, probably no one. I hardly care myself, but thought Ryan might as an improvement to the site. Counting percentage gain from an amount lower than the (free) buy-in just seems like an oversight -- making the list that much less useful or interesting, no?
Ryan wrote
at 5:19 AM, Friday September 22, 2006 EDT
I care :) I just got back from a vacation.

I'll post the algorithm when I have a chance. I think it does something to avoid people with less than 1500 the day before. But that doesn't explain what you see there. I agree it needs to change

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