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lexluger wrote
at 10:35 AM, Sunday May 7, 2023 EDT

pistolpete1711 wrote
at 5:45 PM, Tuesday May 2, 2023 EDT
i know of only 2 ways to be banned . sending coins to alt account and playing multiple tables at same time. what other methods exists?

My question is why would playing multiple tables be against the rules?

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Time To Be Nice wrote
at 1:57 PM, Sunday May 7, 2023 EDT
I know you will not like the answer but it is in the original rules that Ryan the owner of the site stated. So that is the rules the mods follow.
lexluger wrote
at 4:40 PM, Sunday May 7, 2023 EDT
I looked on Rules section and do not see it.. Is it somewhere else on here?
Time To Be Nice wrote
at 5:53 PM, Sunday May 7, 2023 EDT
No just always been, mods have tried for many years for Ryan to be more specific about the rules which would make their jobs easier but never happens. Ryan even had the site set up so you couldnt play two tables, or be in tourney and play a table, but somewhere in his fixs that was lost.
mysteryman wrote
at 4:11 AM, Monday May 8, 2023 EDT
Here are the original rules circa 2008

One addition was made in 2009, which are what the current rules state.

The whole idea of creating an addition rule of one table at a time came about when the lag was really bad when many people were playing this site.

IMO now that this site is a ghost town, this mod rule should be relaxed. There are so many times that I check the site to possibly play and no one is at tables, so I go away. More active tables will draw people back.
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