chips disappearing when leave site
lulu jamby wrote
at 7:10 PM, Tuesday May 9, 2023 EDT
for the last few days I have left the table I've had several thousand chips..but when I go to play the next time...I am down to zero.......that is not right please correct's disheartening.........and annoying
thank you lulu jamby

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gnice37 wrote
at 7:27 PM, Tuesday May 9, 2023 EDT
to the best of my knowledge there is no issue with this happening. no other has mentioned it either. i think you maybe forgetting what you end the day with. i looked at your past 2 days, you ended w/ no chips
Ramu the hacker wrote
at 11:09 AM, Wednesday May 10, 2023 EDT
Lol lulu
lexluger wrote
at 2:36 PM, Wednesday May 10, 2023 EDT
Also: Sometimes when I bluff all in they are calling with fullhouses.. please fix the bluff button lmao
897 wrote
at 7:11 AM, Monday July 3, 2023 EDT
always happens to me
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