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Recognized on 7:47 PM, Saturday January 22, 2011 EST by PM325
It's a little late, but I think she deserves it. She's always been friendly and helpful to the newbies at Xsketch. Teaching them how to play and bringing new players over. She's also gotten MUCH BETTER at pokr, and has a great attitude about the game. ( :

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I resent the hell out of you calling me a racist! Pathetic.
Big Al Rogorson on Sunday February 25, 2024
Gratz on bronze, brave chick calling all in with 44 for the win xD
Zoidinator on Thursday February 1, 2024
tashabee $696,969 14th Members Afternoon 1 Love the score!
Lalita Lani on Friday September 22, 2023
and when you need to put it back after christmas https://imgur.com/a/GoFAsZU
Delboy71 on Tuesday December 13, 2022
ThamesBoy on Tuesday December 13, 2022
thx for the game
pifpaf on Wednesday February 2, 2022
My heart full review, I saw so many times ur account, and I that time I want to play with u, want to know why you are not playing now, and talk with you, almost I got answers and played with u, thanks to you.... I did not expect that u will say hi to me... Crazy times
@VunnamRamu on Saturday November 27, 2021
and tobago!!!!
tashabee on Monday March 5, 2012
mystery man on Monday March 5, 2012
I did formerly leave a "." before TLP was enlisted; however, I think it's now appropriate, fair, and imperative to say pfffft.
Mercantile on Monday March 5, 2012
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