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She is too nice!
Aleksa_bre on Thursday September 14, 2023
http://www.gpokr.com/games/93757362 :)
"pebble" on Friday May 26, 2023
My previous bans don't even pertain to gpokr. it pertains to kdice which is an entirely different and way harder game and I have not "raged" on gpokr like I did there and there are plenty of people who I have played for years with that can attest to that. Also it doesn't matter how long someone has been here, players I have reviewed either didn't have a review of the way they play, or already had bad reviews, and reviews can benefit those who haven't played with them before so why lie about how they play? Isn't that what a reviews page is for? And I know what my problem is, not enough patience. I say cuss words and talk about the shitty game which can be shitty at times and everyone knows it. And lets just make it clear now that I have made progress and I don't go yelling at you about it much less calling you names. I bitch about the game itself because hey, the game is luck and algorithms and sometimes it and I quote "fucking sucks". I recently learned that voicing your opinions matter and make a difference weather you think so or not. I get you don't like me and I feel it every time I play against you. you don't have to say it and i purposefully quit tourneys just because you're there. Do you see me bitching in chat then? It doesn't make me a horrible human being just because I cuss out the game when the game sucks and I get NO LUCK for days to weeks. Tell me who wouldn't get frustrated with that? I don't like it when someone acts as if I have not made progress with attitude as well as overall game play. I have come a long way from those reviews over the years. I am not that person anymore and I will not be treated as if I am. Thanks for your review of me.
Lalita Lani on Saturday May 20, 2023
Hi only
Ramu the hacker on Thursday January 21, 2021
Hi only
@VunnamRamu on Thursday January 21, 2021
Love and miss you, Maddy!
Lucman on Sunday July 5, 2020
And your aim with posting our little chat was what exactly? Truth must be told - and you deep down also know it, otherwise you would not have bothered with the posting - you did bully me. But that is quite alright. I do not wish to play with you ever again. You have proved you are a big boy to no-one but yourself. And you call yourself "Time To Be Nice"? It's a laugh. Gl in the future.
Bettyke on Saturday October 23, 2010
Time To Be Nice on Thursday October 21, 2010
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