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gnice37 wrote
at 8:43 PM, Monday August 7, 2023 EDT
To temporarily mute another player's chat, type the following into the chat box:

/mute player name

There is a space between mute and the player's name. The name must be typed exactly as it is, case sensitive.
No one else will know that you have muted a player, this will last until one of you stands up.
Time To Be Nice wrote
at 7:30 AM, Thursday October 21, 2010 EDT
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [7c, 8d]
Nanounere checks
Time To Be Nice raises $400
TakeTheAce folds
PokerFranci calls
Nanounere calls
Dealing flop: [5d, Ah, 4d]
PokerFranci checks
Nanounere bets $200
Time To Be Nice calls
PokerFranci calls
Dealing turn: [7d]
PokerFranci bets $200
Nanounere calls
Time To Be Nice calls
Dealing river: [6d]
PokerFranci bets $7,680
Nanounere folds
Time To Be Nice raises $15,360
PokerFranci raises $15,360
Time To Be Nice raises $15,360
PokerFranci calls
Time To Be Nice shows [7c, 8d] for a straight flush eight high
PokerFranci shows [As, Jd] for a flush Jack high
Time To Be Nice wins main pot $57,860
Time To Be Nice wins side pot $3,040
PokerFranci stands up

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